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National Geographic slated to film Steve Wohlberg May 19 in WA DC

PRIEST RIVER, Idaho, April 19, 2012/White Horse Media/ -- On Thursday, March 29, 2012, the executive producer for an upcoming National Geographic International television documentary officially confirmed Steve Wohlberg and White Horse Media's participation in the program.

The working title of the one-hour documentary is, "Animal Armageddon." Its primary focus will be on the mysterious and often unexplainable large-scale bird, fish, animal, crab, bee and bat deaths recently occurring around the world. People are really spooked about these things. What do they all mean? Steve Wohlberg's part will be to tie in these bizarre occurrences with the parallel increase of natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes, and to show from the Holy Bible that Planet Earth is truly on the Edge of the Apocalpyse. The executive producer also wants White Horse Media to film B-roll of the construction of our TV Studio in progress, along with footage of our new headquarters in Priest River, Idaho.

On May 18, National Geographic International will fly Wohlberg to Washington DC. On May 19, its crew will set up their cameras and lights inside theCapital Memorial Seventh-day Church, pastored by C.J. Yoon, to film the church service as Wohlberg speaks about biblical "signs of the times" and the soon return of Jesus Christ. A private interview of Wohlberg alone will take place in the church sanctuary that afternoon.

Our hope is that this documentary will give Pastor Steve yet another public opportunity to explain biblical prophecies. Of course we never know what will enter the documentary during the final edit, but, we see God's hand in this opportunity and believe He has once again opened another large door for His Word to be heard by millions. Pray for this.

We believe the Bible verse that says, "...this thing is from Me." 1 Kings 12:24.

We'll keep you posted.

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