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On April 30, 2012, Steve Wohlberg was interviewed by Brian Wilson, The Radio Preacher Man, on his show, Revelations Per Minute, on The Liberty Broadcasting Network. The topic was, "Should Saved-By-Grace New Testament Christians Keep the Seventh Day Sabbath?" Steve has become a regular guest on Brian's show, with many more interviews already scheduled. Recently Brian wrote:

Well hello brother Steve! This is the Radio Preacher Man. You plum wore me out. It is a rarity to interview someone who is a "walking Bible" and also where I have to think so much (ha ha!). You sure keep up with the questions and rebuttals in the chat room! You already know that it seems that 99 percent of us have been "brainwashed" from Hollywood and movies such as "Left Behind" regarding a lot of our theological beliefs. It is apparent that the antichrist spirit keeps the majority of Christians brainwashed and blind to truths of the Scriptures...People like to have their ears tickled, and when any new or different paradigm infringes upon their beliefs, they really get upset. Even if that new paradigm or set of beliefs is true.

However, I went through the same thing when I first started listening to your dvds and reading your booklets a few years back. I even told you on the air tonight that I was raised with the traditional, although erroneous, thought/beliefs about end-time events. You know: Christians are raptured, the antichrist is revealed, the 666 mark of the beast is put on everyone's hands/foreheads, and they go through the tribulation. The Christians watch from the glass floor. I had to listen to your tape, "END TIME DELUSIONS," over and over and over to break away from the traditional view. I still have difficulty sometime combatting the old belief system. As you saw in the chat room, nearly everyone had been subconsciously trained and believes "LEFT BEHIND" from their pastors. These teaching are found in nearly every Christian church and in Christian Universities. I know because I am five classes away from my Master's in Divinity/Theology/Chaplainship. I almost have to write papers in favor of the rapture if I want to pass the class *NO  LIE OR EXAGGERATION...

Thank you, Steve,  for sharing your information. Although you don't tickle too many ears, you get them thinking and searching for truth in the Word. And that is the goal of LBN, and searching for the truth should be the ultimate goal of all true Christians. Searching for truth is hard work, and sometimes the answers are not the ones expected...

Thank you for stirring up the hornets nest again. By the time I get my online congregation settled down, you will be making another appearance on April 30th. If there are any cancellations, you are the first on my list...Thank you, Holy Spirit, for showing us the truth. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a friend and a mentor. Thank you, God, for your Son! As I say "THE LIGHT IS IN THE SON!"


Your buddies,

The Radio Preacher Man and wife, Mo

Shortly after Steve's April 30 interview with Brian about the Sabbath, White Horse Media received this report from a listener:

Dear Pastor Steve, Whenever I'm able to hear one of these interviews, I'm just so inspired as to how God is working to spread His truth.  Your gentle but bold approach is respected and appreciated.   We'll just pray that many, along with those on this radio staff, will be blessed with wisdom, discernment, and courage to follow Jesus as He leads. It was great to hear the radio preacher man, Brian, say he hadn't seen before today about the Sabbath truth in those verses you shared in Acts and now he could see it.  Thank you again for stepping out in faith to be God's evangelist in these very last days. Sincerely, Audrey Ponaski

In April 2012, White Horse Media received this thrilling report from a pastor overseas,

I've been a bible prophecy student since 1982 but Steve's book, which I've read about 20 times, has opened my eyes. I am a minister preparing to go on a speaking circuit with this information. My next question is that from what we understand about Catholicism, why is hardly anyone exposing this anti-christian religion? The Lord is telling me that it is time for a "Reformation II.

This is just a small sample of hundreds of testimonials that come regularly to the office of White Horse Media. Please pray earnestly for Pastor Steve and his team that God will continue to use them to spread His Word, while mercy lingers.

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