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Urgent Appeal to Help White Horse Media

[Posted 5-1-12] Dear followers of Jesus,

I rarely send out a personal -- from me to you -- letter like this, but right now it is particularly necessary. Everyone knows times are tough, and White Horse Media is really feeling a financial pinch just now. Honestly, we need your help. Please read this, and prayerfully consider what God might have you do.

First, let me state with 100% confidence that our Lord has shown -- and continues to show -- His special care for our ministry. Daily we receive phone calls from searching souls who are excited to discover solid Bible truth from our radio and television programs, and websites. We keep shipping out books, pocketbooks, tracts, CDs, and DVDs, and there's no end in sight. We also have pages of thrilling testimonies.

Here are just a few inspiring stories.

Second, let me also state with 100% confidence that WHITE HORSE MEDIA IS NOT ABOUT TO CLOSE ITS DOORS. Just look at our schedule for the rest of 2012:

May 11,12: "2012 and the End of the World" seminar in Deer Park, WA.

May 17: Live interview in WA DC with Shawn Boonstra at the Hope Channel

May 19: Preaching/Interview by National Geographic at the Capital Memoriam Church in DC

May 25,26: Speaking at Kentucky/Tennessee camp meeting

May 30-June 2: Speaking at Iowa/Missouri camp meeting

June 7-10: Speaking/Booth at Bonners Ferry camp meeting, BF, Idaho

July 19-22: White Horse Media camp meeting (Newport, WA)

July 27,28: Speaking at the Oak Haven camp meeting (Michigan)

Aug. 8-11: Speaking/Booth and ASI in Cincinnati, Ohio

Sept. 6-8: Speaking at Secrets Unsealed Summit in Fresno, California

Sept. 15: Preparation rally in Worcester, Mass.

Oct. 4,5: Live satellite seminar in Worcester, Mass., broadcast on The Hope Channel

Nov. 2,3: 2012 Seminar in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Dec. 7,8: Family Life Seminar live on The Hope Channel

Our entire staff is committed to Jesus and this ministry. We love working for God. In these tough financial times, we are also all searching our hearts so we can be clean in God's sight to receive His blessings. Our situation is this: We have pressing financial expenses that simply must be paid, and at this moment we do not have enough funds to cover everything. Not only that, but we must replenish some of our products (which we are out of), plus we must spend funds in advance to attend the annual ASI convention (which I am speaking at) which is where we make most of our media contacts. And we have other expenses on top of these.

Like never before, our staff is on our knees praying.

So, if you believe God works through White Horse Media, I again ask you to prayerfully consider what He might have you do in this crunch. Every dollar given to Jesus will ripple into eternity.

You can donate by calling 1-800-782-4253, or online at www.whitehorsemedia.com, or by sending a check to: White Horse Media, P.O. Box 1139, Newport, WA 99156.

Jesus is so good. Our staff is trusting Him fully. We rely on His promise that, "My God shall supply all your need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19.

If anyone wishes to contact me directly, my email is steve@whitehorsemedia.com.

In advance, we all thank you. From us, to you.

Sincerely in Him,

Steve Wohlberg

Speaker/Director, White Horse Media


[Updated 5-10-12]. Praise God! We are receiving a wonderful outpouring of love from our supporters. Thank you!

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